Liverpool Labour is the Liverpool branch of the Labour Party. We have 72 elected councillors, 5 MPs, thousands of members, and hundreds of thousands of supporters.

Labour RosetteLabour’s Joe Anderson is Liverpool’s first ever elected city Mayor.

Liverpool Labour is working for you, every single day. From problems as small as cleaning your streets, fixing your streetlights and mending your pavements, to representing you in Westminster and in Europe, Liverpool Labour fights for you every day of every week.

We are putting Labour values into action, every single day. But we are forced to do so at a time when we are governed by a coalition determined to cut funding across Government.

Liverpool has been given a particularly bad deal by the new Government. In the face of a Lib Dem / Conservative Government which has lumbered Liverpool with £1billion of cuts over the next four years, Liverpool Labour are on the front line in the fight to protect the services which people rely on. The Government had already scrapped Labour’s scheme to rebuild 26 schools in the city, at a total cost of over £400million. The Government is also choking off funding for Liverpool council – the same funding which supports the services that people rely on. In total, Liverpool City Council will receive £200million a year less in our budget.

As Labour councillors, MPs, members and Mayor, we will use our Labour values to make sure the most vulnerable people and those who rely most on our services are protected, whilst also leading the protest against the unfairness of the Government’s decisions.

In Westminster, our MPs lead the way for the whole of the City and provide a unique and valuable mix of experienced MPs with ministerial experience, and MPs who are new to the House of Commons, bringing new ideas and new approaches. Louise Ellmam is MP for Liverpool Riverside. Steve Rotheram is MP for Liverpool Walton. Luciana Berger is MP for Liverpool Wavertree. Stephen Twigg is MP for Liverpool West Derby. Maria Eagle is MP for Garston and Halewood.

Our MPs fight for you every day in Westminster, exposing the Government’s policies and fighting their cuts and highlighting the effects those policies will have on their constituents. Our councillors fight for you every day in Liverpool, working to protect services against a Government delivering savage cuts, and to make sure that your priorities remain our priorities.