Roz Gladden

Roz Gladden

Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health

My name is Roz Gladden and I am a Councillor for Clubmoor ward. I am also Deputy Mayor and Cabinet member for Health and Adult Social Care.

My vision for Liverpool is to see our citizens access the best services to help them to live happy, healthy, independent lives.

To do this we must ensure that the City Council works closely with our health partners to provide good quality, accessible health care and care packages which will enable our service users and family care-givers to live longer within their own home and community before needing critical, long term residential or nursing care.

I also want to enable older people to live healthier lives by ensuring there are excellent quality services available within the community which they can access easily.

We have completely transformed our adult social care service over the past three years, closing buildings that were not suitable for use or were to expensive to run and maintain but have invested £6m in improving and building six new health care hubs across the city which will provide modern services and provide real choice for disabled people and the elderly.

Over the next two years we will see the opening of Sedgemoor, Granby and Venmore, seven day a week 24 hour hubs which will provide support for people with dementia, or following a stroke or those wishing to return home after a spell in hospital.

Our other three hubs, including the Lime Centre will also open after massive investment and refurbishment including the provision of a hydrotherapy pool.

But Liverpool has been hit hard by the Government’s cuts. We have suffered a savage cut to our Supporting People Grant – that’s the money we use to deliver services to the most vulnerable people in our communities. I will do what I can to protect front line services and to try and mitigate the impact of the cuts on people’s lives. But with the Government giving us such a huge cut in funding, we face some very difficult decisions.

I will do what I can to make sure Liverpool continues to offer the services its people needs, and I will fight the make sure the Government know what impact their cuts are having on local communities.

Jane Corbett

Cabinet Member for Education and Children’s Services

I’m Jane Corbett, councillor for Everton and Labour Cabinet Member for Education and Children’s Services.

My ward of Everton has the highest rates of worklessness in the city, the worst death rates, and the lowest income levels. 89% of the Everton ward is in the UKs top 1% most disadvantaged communities. I want to fight to tackle the causes of this. We cannot continue to have such a divided city, with great affluence side by side with such desperate poverty.

Under the Lib Dems, Liverpool has become the most divided authority in the whole of England, between the haves and the have nots.

We are fighting some of the harshest Government cuts since our city has ever known. The Government have cut deeply into the funding for Children’s Services, and they have slashed 26 project to rebuild Liverpool’s schools, a cut of £350million.

But I want to see the talents and creativities of my community recognised and allowed to flourish and benefit the whole of the city. As part of a Labour council, fighting social injustice and tackling inequality will be my number one priority.

Malcolm Kennedy

Cabinet Member for Regeneration

I’m Malcolm Kennedy, Councillor for Kirkdale Ward and Cabinet Member for Regeneration.

Thanks to a record level of investment since 1997, the Labour Government has kick started a revival in Liverpool’s development. However, so much remains to be done to bring the benefits of that regeneration to the districts and neighbourhoods of Liverpool, particularly in the north end of the city.

The City Centre has benefited from private sector investment. But the fact remains: drive just 5 minutes out of the city centre, in any direction, and you will hit the most extreme poverty anywhere in the UK.

Since the Lib Dems and Tories have formed the Coalition Government, Liverpool’s funds to regenerate housing in the city have been cut. £180million has been cut from Labour’s Housing Market Renewal programme, which would have fired the city’s regeneration. We need to fight back against this cut, and call on the Government to think again.

The Labour council here in Liverpool will work with the private, public and Third Sectors to develop, implement and manage regeneration across the city. We will work closely with Merseytravel to ensure that transport strategies and policies for the city deliver the best possible transport links for the entire city and that transport delivers our social inclusion objectives.

Steve Munby

Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods

I’m Steve Munby, Councillor for Riverside ward and Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods.

I have a number of different responsibilities in the Cabinet. These include:

– Street Cleaning, the Bins Service, Recycling and Green Spaces (outside parks).

– Neighbourhood Services, working with neighbourhood staff and councillors to tackle problems and improve the city at a ward level.

– Youth provision, working to provide activities and services that young people want.

– Community Resource Unit, which provides funding to voluntary sector and community organisations.

The city is facing unprecedented cuts in funding from the Con Dem government. As an administration we have to do everything in our power to protect the weak and vulnerable but at the same time try to maintain the positive steps forward the city made under the last Labour government. We have to be caring, committed and creative – not afraid to push through radical changes if they improve services and save money.

Liverpool is bottom of the league for recycling among the big cities. I want us to be at the top. We are moving towards Managed Weekly Bin Collections where residual waste is collected one week, recycled waste the next. This will save us millions of pounds and improve recycling. The city is littered with derelict sites – a legacy of the long term fall in population and the failings of the previous Lib Dem administration. They look unsightly, blight areas and act as a magnet for dumping. Since Labour took over in 2010 we’ve seen real progress on many of these sites, like the Boot Estate, and more is in the pipeline. But that still leaves hundreds of small sites, often owned by absentee owners land banking. In the last three years we’ve created 100 new community gardens on these sites, with 100 more to come in the next two years. These provide new sociable spaces for communities, improve the look of the city, opportunities to grow food and save the city money in environmental maintenance. In the next year we plan to create the first new major allotment in the city for 50 years as well as planting community orchards.

We not only talk green, we act green. In the same way we passionately believe in keeping things local. We’re pursuing a range of initiatives to create local partnerships to improve the city from the Beautiful North in Anfield, County and Kirkdale to the 1578 Steering Group in the Lodge Lane, Smithdown Road, Earle Road, Lawrence Road area. Local councillors and neighbourhood officers working with residents and partners are best placed to tackle the problems of their areas and my job as a Cabinet Member is to give them the support to do that.

Wendy Simon

Assistant Mayor and Cabinet Member for Culture and Tourism

I’m Wendy Simon, Councillor for Kensington and Fairfied, and Cabinet Member for Culture and Tourism.

Liverpool is a city with a proud cultural heritage. Of course, we were Capital of Culture in 2008, which was great for the city, for its international reputation and for its people.

But we’re closer to 2012 than we are to 2008. What’s next for Liverpool? I look forward to Liverpool continuing an ambitious cultural programme in the years to come, including driving forward spectacular events highlighting out maritime heritage, such as ‘On the Waterfront’ and the Liverpool Boat Show.

However, we need to be realistic about what we can deliver. The Government cuts have hit Liverpool hard, and we’re faced with immense challenges to find massive savings from cultural budgets. Liverpool has a long and proud record of providing libraries and leisure centres for its people. But those things cost money, and it is money the Government is trying to take away from us.

We simply won’t be able to continue to provide the same level of provision in these areas that we have in years gone by. I want to fight to make sure the services we do provide continue to offer our residents a service they can be proud of. We face some incredibly difficult decisions in the months to come. I want people to join with me in making our voices hear loud and clear to the Government about what their cuts mean for real people in our communities.

Nick Small

Cabinet Member for Employment and Skills

I’m Nick Small, councillor for Central Ward in Liverpool city centre and Kensington fields. I’m also the Cabinet Member for Employment and Skills.

Education and training needs to be central to everything we do. Under the previous Labour government, educational standards rocketed: GCSE and A Level results are better than ever, and class sizes fell.

But the Government’s cuts will have a huge impact on the city. All three of Liverpool’s Universities have suffered savage cuts to their teaching grants. This is coupled with the Lib Dem and Tories’ decision to raise tuition fees, in some cases trebling them to £9,000 a year.

This Government is making it harder for people to go to University. This Government is making it harder for people to afford a good education. And if students are put off in years to come, the result will be a work force which is less well equipped than others in Europe to drive our economy forwards.

However, the Labour council is doing that it can to fight back. Labour was elected in Liverpool with a promise to create 100 apprenticeships. We are aiming now not only to hit that target, but to far surpass it.

I want the people of Liverpool, no matter what their age, to be given the opportunity to learn new skills and to access education, regardless of their wealth or background. Regardless of the Government’s cuts, this will remain my top priority.

Ann O’Byrne

Assistant Mayor and Cabinet Member for Housing and Community Safety

I’m Ann O’Byrne, councillor for Warbreck Ward, and Cabinet member for Housing responsible for delivering 5,000 new homes and the refurbishment of 1,000 new homes which are integral to Liverpool’s regeneration.

Housing in Liverpool, like so many other aspects of our city, is undergoing huge growth. We are becoming a city which has a reputation as a leader in building and refurbishing homes, and a city that others are looking to follow and I want to give our people the housing that they deserve, and revitalise our neighbourhoods in a way that transforms lives. I want to ensure that our investment in housing matches up with our investment in our economy, in employment, in our schools, and in tourism and culture.

We have developed a strong vision that will; increase the supply of housing; increase the range of housing; improve the quality of housing; improve the design of our neighbourhoods and maximise economic potential and create jobs

We are achieving by being a can-do city which focuses on delivery. We have pledged to deliver 5,000 new homes and through our £130 million Housing Delivery Plan, we are making fantastic progress.

To date we have 1296 homes being built on 27 live developments; 2,620 new homes ready to be started; Our Housing Consortium has been established to build 1000 new homes on council owned sites and our Asset Backed Vehicle ‘Regeneration Liverpool’ is committed to providing 900 new homes.

The buzz and activity of housing regeneration can now be seen in every part of the City from Anfield and Norris Green Village to Edge Hill

We are making a structured exit from the Housing Market Renewal Initiative utilising Regional Growth Fund, Transition Fund and Clusters of Empty Homes Grant with 275 occupied properties are being refurbished in Anfield Village and Rockfield and at the same time hundreds more properties which were previously earmarked for demolition are being brought back into use with 480 homes have been identified for refurbishment.

We are really going the extra mile to support house hunters and improve our housing stock by providing options for first time buyers such as our ‘Homes for a Pound’ initiative

So far forty first time buyers have also been helped into home ownership through the partnership we have with a major bank through our ‘Lend a Hand’ mortgage scheme

We are making good progress on our Ten Point Pledge to drive up standards in the private rented sector

I know there’s so much more to achieve in Liverpool and much more potential to unlock. We will continue to be an ambitious city, a growing city, and a city of opportunity

I will work with my colleagues in Adult Services to rationalise sheltered and extra care housing to deliver an attractive housing offer for our older residents. Continue to campaign to prevent homelessness and work with providers to develop the Gateway model for helping homeless people into good quality temporary accommodation and to build on the success of our ground breaking No Second Night Out initiative

Bring forward new build for market rent proposals; re-launch the Handy person scheme; maximise green energy throughout our housing developments; deliver the Homes for a Pound pilot scheme; continue to deliver the commitments in the Ten Point Pledge and consultation on our Citywide Licensing Scheme and through our Strategic Housing Delivery Partner deliver 1,500 additional new homes and bring a further 1,000 homes back into use

It is important that as cabinet member I develop strong partnerships that make a positive contribution to the City’s strategic housing priorities including the Local Asset Backed Vehicle which is delivering new homes in the eastern part of the City and the Strategic Housing Partnership comprising the City’s Registered Housing Providers which has developed shared goals for meeting the housing needs and aspirations of residents.

As a Cabinet Member it is important to heighten awareness of policy areas that have an impact on housing as a whole and I will work tirelessly to lobby politicians nationally and to promote general awareness of the implications of this.

I am committed to raising Housing’s place in the national agenda and I am involved with the Local Government Innovation group hosted by the Labour Housing Spokesperson, Jack Dromey, and ensure we showcase some of the excellent work being done in Liverpool.

I have urged the reduction of red tape and bureaucracy to bring land forward and improve housing supply and to give greater freedom for local authorities to regulate the private rented sector.

In Merseyside I am active member on the Liverpool City Region Housing and Spatial Planning Forum and represent the Merseyside sub-region at the North West Housing Forum.

As a regular columnist for Inside Housing I use this as a platform to promote North West housing issues and break through the South East centric and London bias that dominates much of the coverage of the Housing agenda.

Gary Millar

Cabinet Member for Business, Enterprise & Investment

I am Gary Millar, I am councillor for Old Swan ward and cabinet member for business, enterprise & investment.

Frank Hont

Cabinet Member for Social Inclusion, Fairness & Equalities.

I am Cllr Frank Hont, councillor for Childwall Ward and cabinet meber for social inclusion, fairness and equalities.