There are 11,000 boarded up homes in Liverpool. At the same time, thousands of people sit on the housing waiting list, unable to find a home. Young people are struggling to get on the housing ladder, and there is a lack of affordable housing.

One of the first things the Lib Dem / Tory government did after the formation of the coalition was to cancel huge house rebuilding projects, including withdrawing £127million from Liverpool’s own house building fund.

The Minister for Housing, Grant Shapps MP, has since offered only small amounts of cash.

Despite Liverpool Labour’s action on housing – clearing the Norris Green Boot Estate and replacing it with 200 brand new, eco friendly, affordable homes – without the support of central government, there is only so much much we can do to boost the local housing market.

We are calling on the Government to deliver proper investment in Liverpool’s housing. We want them to provide sustainable schemes to boost the local housing market, and to encourage the development of affordable homes.

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You can write to Grant Shapps MP, at, demanding that the Government gives Liverpool a better deal on housing.

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