Before the elections in 2010, the Labour Government had rubber stamped 26 school building programmes for Liverpool’s schools. These plans, worth a total of £350million investment into our schools, would have rebuilt some of the crumbling classrooms that Liverpool children have to put up with every day.

They would have provided state-of-the-art facilities where pupils could learn, and learning environments which would have given a huge boost to our young learners.

But after the election – and with the help and full support of the Lib Dems – the first thing the Tories did was to cancel all 26 school rebuilding projects.

Nothing has happened since then. Despite warm words from the Government, there has been absolutely no action.

Liverpool Labour are calling on the Government to invest in Liverpool’s schools. Some of our schools are in a chronic state of disrepair, and urgently need work to bring them up to standard.

We will campaign for a new deal, to provide better schools for the future.

Take Action

You can write to the Minister for Schools, Nick Gibb MP, demanding that he offers Liverpool the funds to rebuild its primary and secondary schools. Mr Gibb’s email address is You might want to use the following text:

Before the elections, 26 of Liverpool’s schools were looking forward to investment from the Government. This investment was going to overhaul those schools, rebuilding them and repairing them, and making them schools fit for 21st Century Britain.

As you know, the Government cancelled all of these project within weeks of coming to power.

Whatever the reasons for that decision, I am asking you to work with Liverpool City Council, and to urgently provide funding for new school building projects.

So many of the schools in Liverpool are broken. Many are falling apart. I hope will agree that we can’t just sit by and watch as school children of the 21st century are forced to try and learn in 19th century buildings.

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