Many of you will have seen reports in the media about how this Government has yet again got it wrong on the basics. Not only is the Bedroom Tax in and of itself immoral and unworkable, those who pushed so hard to bring it in are also incompetent.

Due to errors in the legislation, there are thousands of people across the country who have been wrongly identified as liable to pay the Bedroom Tax when in fact they are exempt. Iain Duncan Smith is trying his hardest to blame everyone around him, including civil servants who are working hard despite budget cuts and job losses, and naturally local authorities like Liverpool City Council. The fact is, he is Secretary of State and the buck stops with him.

Those who are now exempt from the tax have:

Been continuously entitled to housing benefit since 1 January 1996 (breaks of four weeks or less are ignored) and were under 45 years old in 1996.

Occupied the same dwelling since that date (except for any period where a fire, flood, explosion or natural catastrophe made the property uninhabitable).

If you or anyone you know wants to find out if the exemption applies to them then please speak to your landlord and contact the Benefits Service direct by:

Calling 0151 233 3009 or emailing


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