Today I am announcing that on Sunday 4th May I will be organising a Rally in Liverpool to highlight the pain of austerity and how it is tearing the heart out of our communities.

I am asking everyone in Liverpool, regardless of political affiliation; young and old; whether this would be your first rally or your latest; to come out and join us as we Stand Up for the city we love.

I will be speaking to all the trade unions and asking them to join us, alongside any civic organisation that wishes to make a stand for fairness, compassion and equality. I will also be reaching out to all the major core cities of England – places like Manchester, Leeds, and Birmingham – and asking them to Stand Up alongside us in the hope of holding a true national day of protest.

This week I held a conference for the staff of Liverpool City Council to talk to them and answer their questions about the council’s budget and the extremely difficult decisions we will have to make. I am extremely proud of the work they all do and I am heartbroken by the effect the unfair cuts made by national Government is having on them. Several staff members agreed with me that it was important we let the Government know how painful their austerity agenda is – which is why I am organising Stand Up For Liverpool.

We will be announcing further details shortly.

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