What a surprise to see more negative stories drip from the Liverpool Echo while coverage of the positive news remains in a never ending drought.

This time, the Echo has decided to focus on taps. That’s right. Taps. Let that sink in.

Clearly someone felt they were leaking a good story and unbelievably, the Echo have fallen hook, line and sinker, hoping to land us in hot water by reporting on what taps the council have in the new Cunard offices.

Let’s get this straight, the Cunard building was bought to make savings and to relocate more than 800 staff across three floors. A full refurbishment was required and the cost of the entire scheme is part of the council’s strategic accommodation strategy to reduce costs.

As part of the refurbishments, we had to consider the wellbeing of our employees, supplying them with the facilities any other employer would be required to do. This doesn’t mean ‘luxury’ items, it means cost-effective, energy efficient, practical facilities designed principally for commercial use to service a huge number of people. The taps, which are in fact boiler/chillers, that the Echo claim are a ‘luxury’ are actually cheaper to run and service than water coolers and kettles, but why let facts get in the way of a good story?

I for one don’t need reminding of the financial constraints this City faces – it is very much a time to sink or swim and despite the obstacle of a 58% cut in Government funding, this City continues to make waves as we power forward.

There is thought behind every penny spent in this administration – what will it mean to the City, is it necessary, are there any alternatives? I will not use money in a way that will not benefit this City.

Once again, rather than focusing on the countless amount of positivity in this City, our local paper continues on its quest to find the downside in every situation.

Unfortunately for them, Tapgate is far from the Watergate the paper so desperately want to uncover. I’m sorry to report, they will never find their Watergate as we continue to run an honest, transparent council in the best interest of this City – taps included.


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