I am truly honoured and proud to elected by the people of this city once again to serve as Mayor of Liverpool.

I love this city; I have lived here my whole life. My children live here, my grandchildren live here. It is our home and I want them to grow up to be as proud of this city as I am. That is why I am honoured to be in the position I am in today, elected once again by the people to serve this fantastic city.

Our Labour Councillors also continue to show their passion and love for our city and I congratulate those who have been re-elected. It is a testament to our collective Labour values that so many have been re-elected.

Congratulations also to Jane Kennedy for returning as our Police and Crime Commissioner, having been given an opportunity to continue her excellent work for another term.

This result has shown that the people of this city have confidence in this Labour administration. It shows that they don’t believe in the smears and gesture politics of the other parties and it shows that the people of this city want real, practical methods and results that they can enjoy.

That is what we promise. That is what we will deliver.

It is no secret that Liverpool has faced – and still faces – the biggest cuts in Government funding it ever has in its history. It is no secret that we are being treated unfairly and cruelly by this Tory Government. I have made my feelings clear and I will continue to do so; to stand up for this city and to fight our corner.

What I will not do however, is just sit around doing nothing. We have been dealt our cards and doing nothing but complain will be detrimental to our future – we, quite simply, will fall over.

That is why, as Mayor, I have spent the past four years steering this city through bludgeoning cuts with an innovative, forward thinking approach to do things differently and ensure we have a strong and vibrant future. I have made decisions for the benefit of the city as a whole, balancing local concerns with the needs of the wider communities across Liverpool. I am positive that that hard work and approach can now continue and that we can build on the success we already have.

People have said I can be overly emotional at times, which I accept, but the reality is I am passionate about this city and it hurts me to see us treated the way we are. So, when people angle their anger at me and the Council, rather than those who are to blame, it can make me react. But that is all part and parcel of the role. My emotions would never get in the way of getting the best for this city and they certainly would never cloud my judgement. I suppose it just goes to show that I am human after all – despite what some others would make you think.

Past administrations have made decisions for political motives and to keep hold of votes and wards, this administration, and my leadership, however is determined to do right for the whole city, not just for one ward. So there will be more decisions to come, decisions unpopular with some, but decisions that need to be made for the benefit of this city and we will make them – that’s what leadership is about and know most of the people in our city understand that.

I would really like to take this moment to thank all the Labour members, supporters and councillors that we have in this city. I honestly mean it when I say this is the greatest group of councillors I have ever worked with. Their work rate, desire and passion to make this city great is truly humbling. With them we can continue to strive forward and make Liverpool the greatest city in the world.

We are saying goodbye to many today, some by choice and some not. Our heartfelt best wishes, and sympathies, go to all of them. In particular, I want to pay tribute to Mark Norris who lost his seat. Mark will be back, he is a talented young man with a bright future .Mark, your contribution to the city will not be forgotten and the Labour family will do everything we can to support you.

Once again, I would like to thank everybody who has voted for the Labour Party. I can promise you, I do not take this role for granted and I certainly do not take this result for granted.

I am very grateful to all of those who voted and have shown their confidence in me and this Labour group.

I will not let you down.


Joe Anderson

Mayor of Liverpool 

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