It’s not a surprise to hear that opposition councillors are trying to mislead people with a motion to council next week about the Local Development Framework criticising this administration.

The crucial fact they hide from people is that we are being made to write a Local Plan by Government and regardless of which party was in power they would have to write a Local Plan just like the one we have.

On top of that they haven’t been honest with people about some of the content.

First John Coyne welcomes proposals to build houses on Tramway Road and now he wants to campaign against them.

In Walton Hall Park we haven’t even had a proposal from EFC yet – and it would only be for a part – not the whole – of the park.

In Calderstones Park, the Riding for the Disabled Association is happy with the move and will mean we can build them an excellent brand new facility.

And finally, they want to make decisions on land which doesn’t even belong to the council, like Manweb fields – which is simply not possible.

Ultimately what they are doing is running down the whole city – we have more green space in the city than at any other point in its history after Labour has created 47 acres of new green space, and a new park in Alt Valley – if you believed the opposition you would think there was no green space when the opposite is true.

The Local Plan consultation is still open – instead of grandstanding they should take part and help make a real difference.

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