Liverpool Labour wants to see Liverpool businesses thrive and prosper.

A successful business drives jobs, innovation and growth. We want to see every business in Liverpool succeed.

We want to project Liverpool as a place to come and do business. We will take Liverpool onto the international stage, and project our city to major international businesses, inviting them to come and invest here.

We were proud to support Liverpool’s involvement in the Shanghai Expo.

We will continue to press to develop our links with Shanghai, and to develop links with China.

We are delighted that Liverpool has been selected to host the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in 2012, and will support the event enthusiastically.

We will find ways for the City Council to work in partnership with local businesses, building houses and developing the city.

We will attempt to strengthen Liverpool’s already strong position in the creative electronic and computer games sector.

We will make ourselves available for businesses in the city.

Liverpool Labour believes that the planning department at Liverpool City Council should do what it can to facilitate development. The City Council should be seen by business as being on its side, helping businesses get things done.

Joe Anderson, as Mayor of Liverpool, has taken responsibility for developing relationships with business. You can contact Joe at

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