One of our priorities is to tackle the issue of dangerous dogs.

There have been some tragic cases in recent years where dangerous dogs have been able to attack people, in some cases children, in some cases fatally.

We want to remove the threat that dangerous dogs pose, and reduce dog related problems across the city. Therefore, we have been proud to pilot a dog control scheme in three wards in the north of the city.

This scheme restricts where dogs are allowed to be let loose, and bans dogs from some places altogether – for example, certain playgrounds and school fields.

We want to continue to work with residents to tackle dangerous dogs, whilst allowing responsible dog owners – the vast majority – to continue to look after their animals freely.

Cllr Tim Beaumont, the Assistant Cabinet Member for the Environment and Climate Change, has the task of co-ordinating the council’s dangerous dogs policy. If you wish to contact Tim to contribute to Liverpool Labour’s dogs policy, you can do so on

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