The Lib Dem / Tory coalition government has given Liverpool a deeply unfair deal. Despite saying ‘we’re all in this together’, the coalition government have cut £141million per year from Liverpool’s budget.

The Liverpool Labour Party’s policy on implementing these cuts is simple. It starts from the principle that we will not set an illegal budget. Militant Labour lost the trust of the people of Liverpool in the 1980s through wreckless economic management. We won’t do it again.

The cuts will lead to us making some incredibly difficult decisions. We didn’t get elected to cut services. We got elected to serve the people of Liverpool, and to improve their services.

But at a time when the Government are taking away so much of our money, we have no choice but to reduce the services we offer.

Liverpool Labour is committed to making sure that, through all of the cuts, the most vulnerable people who rely most on our services are protected.

At the same time, we will campaign hard on behalf of the people of Liverpool for a fairer deal for the city. The Government have been deeply, deeply unfair in dishing out these cuts. Despite being the most deprived city in the country, Liverpool has been hit harder than anywhere else.

At the same time, some leafy Tory councils in the south actually see their cash from Government increase!

We will take steps to protect the most vulnerable from the worst of the Lib Dem / Tory cuts, whilst making our case to Government for a fairer deal for Liverpool.

Leading Liverpool City Council, we will engage with the Government where we can, and will take a pragmatic approach towards Coalition Government policy. We will not dogmatically oppose Government policy, as shown through our constructive approach to Local Enterprise Partnerships, the Regional Growth Fund, and Enterprise Zones.

However where we feel Government policy is flawed or badly thought through we will make our views clear, as shown with our rejection of the Big Society following Government cuts, and our opposition to the unfair cuts passed onto the City Council.

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