Liverpool Labour believes that the right to a decent home is one of your fundamental rights as a citizen of Liverpool. That's why we have announced ambitious plans to deliver 5,000 new affordable homes over the next four years.

Under the Lib Dems, 23,000 people were left on the housing waiting list. At the same time, 13,000 boarded up homes were left empty and derelict in the city. The former Lib Dem leader of the council admitted that they had turned parts of the city into ‘war zones’ through years of inaction and incompetence.

Liverpool Labour is committed to providing decent, affordable homes for every person and family in the city.

Liverpool Labour has set up a scheme to help first time buyers afford homes. Under our plan, the City Council will help buyers pay their deposits, kick starting the local housing market.

The Government haven’t helped Liverpool deal with its housing problems. One of the first things the Lib Dem-Tory coalition did was to cancel £127million of projects for house rebuilding across the city.

However, Liverpool Labour remains committed to finding ways to boost the local housing market.

Liverpool Labour has announced plans to offer Council land to developers as an incentive to get building. We will work with developers to deliver projects to build new, affordable homes for people to live in.

We will clear dereliction where it is rife. One example is the Norris Green ‘Boot Estate’, neglected for years by Liverpool’s Liberal Democrats. Thanks to leadership from Joe Anderson and Liverpool Labour, the boot estate is no more – in its place are 200 brand new, affordable, green homes, which will be made available first to the families who once lived on the boot estate.

We will also work hard to find ways to bring derelict homes back into use, where it is possible to do so.

Cllr Ann O’Byrne is Liverpool Labour’s Cabinet member for Housing. If you would like to contribute to Labour’s housing policy, you can contact Ann at ann.o’

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