Jobs and Training

Liverpool Labour is committed to providing training opportunities for our young people.

We also believe in the power of apprenticeships to upskill our young people, helping them to learn a trade, and feeding industry with the talent it needs to continue to thrive.

In 2010, Liverpool Labour promised 100 council apprenticeships in our first year. We delivered well over 100, thanks to the groundbreaking scheme The Liverpool Apprentice.

In our second year, this figure has increased to over 650.

And in the next three years, we want to bring that total to over 1,300 new apprentice places in Liverpool.

We want to lead by example, and we want others to follow. As well as promoting apprenticeships ourselves within the council, we will champion apprentices and apprenticeships in all parts of the business community. We will encourage our partners to take on apprentices from Liverpool, so they have the opportunity to gain experience which will last them for life.

Liverpool Labour is also committed to supporting private sector job creation. We will expect our partners to employ local labour wherever possible.

We will also support schemes which will provide jobs for our people. One example is the Edge Lane Retail Development, a scheme which promises to find 2,000 jobs.

We will continue to support businesses across the city, to do what we can to help them grow, and to help them provide opportunities for all our residents to work and earn a living.

Cllr Nick Small is Liverpool Labour’s Cabinet member for Employment and Skills. If you wish to contribute to Labour’s policy, please contact Nick

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