Liverpool Labour is committed to driving the continued regeneration of our city.

After 13 years of Labour government investment, Liverpool City Centre is unrecognisable now from what it was a decade ago. We are proud of our city, and we want it to continue to thrive.

Liverpool has some tremendous opportunities coming its way. We want to make the most of every single one of them.

We will work to deliver the Liverpool Waters scheme, working with Peel to deliver a £5.5billion investment in north shore.

We will expose the Lib Dems, who oppose regenration of the water front, saying ‘World Heritage Status is more important than sky scrapers.’

We will fight to bring a cruise liner turnaround facility to Liverpool, putting our city up there with the big hitters of the world cruise liner trade.

We will invest £40million to build an extended Exhibition Centre, complementing the fantastic Echo Arena and Convention Centre.

We will build 12 new schools, and 5,000 new houses.

We will deliver regeneration of Edge Lane, and the Edge Lane retail park, bringing 2,000 jobs to our city.

We will clear the way to make sure a new Royal Hospital is built, a £450million Labour government investment.

We have delivered the redevelopment of the Neptune theatre – now known as the Epstein – and we will go on to redevelop other major sites right across the city.

We will develop Stonebridge Cross, including 500 homes, a new school, health centre and leisure facilities. We have already made the Norris Green Boot Estate a thing of the past – finally replaced with 200 new affordable homes after years of Lib Dem led neglect.

In short, Liverpool Labour is committed to delivering an ambitious regeneration programme across the city. We will make sure the council acts as a facilitator, helping developers and partners make our city a better place to live and work.

Cllr Malcolm Kennedy is the Cabinet Member for Regeneration. If you would like to contribute to Labour policy in this area, please contact Malcolm at

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