"Championing young people across the city...fighting for our shared values of equality, fairness and social justice"

Liverpool Young Labour is an organisation for Labour Party members in Liverpool under the age of 28.

Our group offers an open, friendly and inclusive environment in which Young Labour members in Liverpool can take advantage to create positive change in their local communities.

We meet each month in order to discuss local and national issues, and to plan what events we are going to do that month whether it be charity work, campaigning, conferences etc. Liverpool Young Labour is also committed to campaigning monthly in Liverpool and Merseyside, this enables us to talk to the people of Liverpool about their local area and hear their opinions or concerns.

We encourage Young People in Liverpool to take an active role in politics on behalf of the Labour Party. Liverpool Young Labour offers the support needed to Young Labour members by creating an environment where their voice is heard, and where they can be supported in being active in the party.

Our goal is to create a political force that can fight elections, whether local or national, and can work for the benefit of the Liverpool community by fighting local issue campaigns. Liverpool Young Labour will work with the people of Liverpool to defend the democratic socialist values of the Labour Party.

To get in touch email us at liverpoolyounglabour@gmail.com, or alternatively follow our events on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Lena McCormick
Chair of Liverpool Young Labour